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Afemai People

Auchi, Edo, Nigeria
The Afemai people, also spelled Afenmai are a group of people living in the northern part of Edo State south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Afemai...


Benue, Nigeria
The Kofyar are a population in central Nigeria numbering around 50,000. After several anthropological studies, they provide good illustrations of how colonial authorities become unwittingly...


Taraba State, Nigeria
The Kuteb (or Kutep) people are an ethno-linguistic group in West Africa, who speak the Kuteb language. The Kuteb Language is influenced by the Hausa...

Video of the Month- The Ogoni People & Struggle

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It is our belief, dream and philosophy that boundaries should not exist, the Hometown Database Project is our first hypothesis towards affirming this philosophy.
Integrating and bridging the gap between rural life and cultures of the rural area with every part of the world, together with their government is certainly a major way of implementing this philosophy while opening a new window between rural demographics and the world of research.

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You are now connected to every village, every culture, every festival, every gallery and even more interestingly, you can now have an online shopping for unique home made products

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It is now quite easy to find and learn about a location or event, be it a rural community, a tribe, an urban festival, a park or even to buy a unique homemade product. Use the explore or listing options and you will be amazed at what you will find.

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Nigeria is an amazing heterogeneous conglomerate. Our duty is to connect you to as many places as possible and connect as many communities as possible to their own people in and in diaspora.

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The boundaries between rural areas and the global community is now bridged through the click of the mouse. The rich potentials and cultures of the thousands of communities in Nigeria are not only endangered but lacking in spirit the needed recognition.

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We report activities across Nigeria. Our blog section gives you latest and interesting findings about places, cultures, attractions, events, and many more. You might want to learn something new today.

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